Tim Stokes 20 Years in Speaking

Tim's love of speaking began back in 2000 to a handful of business owners attending his own seminar. 

On reflection, most people could have spoken better however that experience fueled his desire to be a dynamic, thought-provoking and entertaining speaker.

Tim's vast experience has been speaking to his own audiences attended from his own events from his business' marketing. As a key note speaker Tim likes to impact his audiences so they are left thinking about the many points he has shared during his short or longer talks.

Tim has been the speaker at events small as half a dozen to groups of 200+ where he received a standing ovation. 

Tim regularly speaks to accounting firms and their clients on management and optimising businesses for harmonious living. 

Tim Stokes speaking Griffith Uni

Recent Speaking Events

One of Tim's recent public speaking engagements was being the featured speaker at Griffith University's Entrepreneur Series. Earlier in 2019 he was as a speaker for Business Week Queensland on three topics at the Logan Series of Business Seminars.

Tim was invited back the second year following the feedback from the first year of his two talks.

His talks included the topics of understanding cash flow and its relationship to profit margins, and advanced marketing strategies and tactics to increase leads. 

Tim's talks are educational entertainment and he always engages his audiences with questions from commencement and will happily answer questions throughout his talk. He handles all questions on the fly and invites his audiences to participate in a conversation with him.

His aim is to leave the people in his audiences inspired and excited with things to do to improve their businesses.

Logan City Council Business Week

Griffith University Entrepreneur Series

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