Profit Transformations

Breakthrough Business Transformations, for Life

Business Mentoring

Optimising Businesses for Harmonious Living

Profit Transformations is a leader in balancing business and life for harmony and prosperity. 

With over 20 years of mentoring experience and 30+ years of business ownership experience, you'll find our solutions work the first time, without trial and error to produce significant, measurable results to your business.

Measuring businesses as one of the first steps has always been our method, to prove our content works with facts, plus that way you can hold us accountable for giving you results.

Profit Transformations has been transforming businesses and owners lives for years. Dream it, believe it and achieve it. That's our motto. 

Business Mentoring Services

One on One Business Mentoring

One on one business mentoring to work on small to large business growth challenges on customer acquisition, profitability, recruitment, systems and more. 

The Academy of Business Mastery

A small group business education program delivered online, created by Tim Stokes to fast track business growth for a balanced lifestyle with success.

Strategic and Tactical Marketing Mentoring

25+ years of hands-on marketing, offline and online experience to reduce marketing spend and fast tracking measurable results. 

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