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Tim Stokes - Background, Life and Business History

Tim Stokes' Story

Tim Stokes business mentoring

Tim grew up in a little country town in NSW called Camden and it was there Tim had his first exposure to business with his father's music shop. 

At age 20, a few years later, his father's entrepreneurial friend approached him to be a partner in a business called The Tree Barber which they purchased. 

Learning a whole industry as well as how to manage a business was escalated after his partner wanted to be bought out, so Tim was soon on his own in business. 

One day, thanks to his accountant, he was introduced to one of the world's most recommended business books - "The E-myth Revisited" by Michael Gerber. During a two-day workshop presented by the author Tim was introduced to working on his business with systems, KPIs, team building, management and marketing.

This began Tim's life-long passion for research into entrepreneurship and all the ingredients of high level business success. This is where his informal title of being "technically intuitive" began to emerge. 

Tim then invested heavily in marketing with the legendary Jay Abraham, followed by Chris Newton of Results Corp whose company trained 30,000 businesses in Australia on sales and marketing.

Testing his own sales and marketing methods by measured all results led to rocketing profit increases in his service business, wining more sales at higher prices than competitors - while working less hours. 

In 1998 Tim left the industry when an opportunity came along to be a pioneer in the new industry of business coaching as a "pilot" franchisee, which meant very few systems were included. 

Tim was one of the first four business coaches in Australia and in 2000 he was awarded the title 'Worldwide Business Coach of the Year' in the franchise for his systems and methods that contributed to the industry and results achieved in his business and clients'. 

Tim's methods and results have been featured in various national business magazines. 

Tim's Contribution to Business

From 1997, when Tim started in business coaching he worked hard to develop systems that thousands of businesses and coaches have used with their clients.

In 2003 after leaving the franchise he collated his growth and success systems to become a 7 month business management course for small groups of businesses while supporting them one on one.

This course has been continuously refined by the needs of business owners and their feedback. 

Tim is a QLD government registered Business Mentor and regularly contributes time in the M4G program giving business owners recommendations to grow their business. He has traveled to Townsville, Logan and Brisbane city to assist where he can. 

Tim has worked with numerous accounting firms and the firm's clients proving free business and management training as well as delivering his Academy of Business Mastery course. 

Tim has been a featured speaker for the Griffith University Entrepreneur Series, for national conferences, and for Logan City Council Business Week programs to name a few spanning the years. 

Tim's public and professional speaking passion began in 2000 with his first free seminar in Penrith. Tim has marketed, sold and delivered his insights in various courses and workshops on topics as diverse as personal growth, spirituality, business, and wealth creation. 

Tim's two passions are spiritual evolution and growing businesses to enjoy a balance work/life balance by working smarter. He is the Managing Director of Profit Transformations based in Brisbane. 

Logan City Council Talks for Business Week