Tim Stokes is a business growth specialist, course creator, speaker and business leader. He specialises in systematic solutions to the numerous challenges of business growth. 

Tim's primary aim is to see business owners become happier due to progress and have an enjoyable work/life balance.

As a 'technically intuitive' person he's dedicated thousands of hours to refinements of systems, tools and strategies he shares with business owners. 

 With three decades of business ownership, in four different industries he is highly respected by both accounting professionals and business owners in countries around the world.

After his first seven years of struggle in business, Tim started an informal education on business with entrepreneurs, first by attending the Michael Gerber "E-Myth" workshop. 

In 1997 after years of learning from some of the masters of business and marketing, Tim became one of Australia's first business coaches and helped pioneer the industry with numerous features in national business magazines. 

Tim is now a partner with Business of Brand (BoB) while operating his own company Profit Transformations to help bring the message of purpose before profits and building a brand-led business.